Vivian focuses on teaching students to effectively leverage her strategies for any GMAT problem type. I believe this is much more effective than simply dedicating an hour per week to individual GMAT topics. However, in addition to the strategies taught during one-on-one sessions, Vivian would also frequently send helpful articles, videos, or problem sets related to the content we had covered during our sessions.

I tried Manhattan GMAT and took the exam a year before I decided to try and find a private tutor and am so glad I did. Vivian was able to provide a much more personalized plan than MGMAT for a better price, and I owe that attention to my success on the GMAT.***Vivian helped bring my score up from a 630 to a 710*** This decision is a no-brainer.

-Patrick H.

When I see a businesswoman calling herself a ROCKSTAR I know that is someone I need to know. Was 100% right about Vivian. Her confidence is well-deserved — she is an invaluable resource to anyone looking to prepare for the GMAT at any skill level.

I initially signed up for 15 hours of Skype sessions and ended up doing an additional 10 hours. With those 25 hours, Vivian helped me raise my score from a 660 (42Q/39V — although that was on GMATPrep1 which I believe is an easier test than the real thing) to an official 740 (49Q/41V) on test day. By the way I had previously done the Manhattan GMAT self-guided INTERACT course which, aside from the books that came with it, was pretty much a waste of time+money when compared to Vivian’s 1-on-1 attention.

Vivian is able to distill the overwhelming amount of material that is out there for the GMAT and help students focus on the most relevant, verified, and helpful stuff. She has written her own chapters. She responds to questions via email usually within minutes but always the same day. One very important intangible element of working with Vivian is her demeanor. She is no-nonsense and helped me tune out a lot of my anxiety and self-doubt — this alone helped me reach my target score on test day.

Her lessons are fun and totally worth the investment. I looked forward to our sessions each week and the only thing I am sad about now being done with the GMAT is that I can’t Skype with her anymore!

-Kim S.

I took the GMAT a week ago and got a 730 (Q50, V39). Thank you for all your immense help, particularly in the Verbal section over the past few months. Your incredible resources and detailed understanding of the different topics forced me to stick to the strategy we discussed even under stress. You kept a great balance of motivation and persistence in tutoring me as we went through each nitty-gritty detail on the different sections. It was great learning an incredible amount from you!


Vivian is a dedicated teacher who really understands GMAT strategy and questions. I mostly got help with Quant and it was always on point. She clearly enjoys helping people. Her slow, methodological approach shed light on things that I might have otherwise missed. I particularly appreciated the overall study strategy advice, as that is best when it can be targeted specifically for the individual. It felt great to have someone to turn to when I felt confused or unsure of how to prioritize my time. A far better investment than a course would have been for me (scored 710, first practice was 550).

-Rachel S.

There are a ton of GMAT prep places out there, so it’s hard to sort through all the options. I took a course with Princeton Review about six months ago because my friend recommended it. It was a good course, but I needed some more personal attention and frankly, a kick in the pants before I felt ready to go in and take the real thing.

I don’t know how long Vivian’s been teaching, but she’s a total pro. She was great at helping me figure out what to study on my own, so I felt her guidance even when we weren’t face to face. She came up with simple ways of approaching the test, and she really knew her stuff — I came in already solid on the basics, and so we focused mainly on 700+ level math questions. She was also super flexible with scheduling, which I really needed (I work at a bar, so my shifts are constantly changing).

I just took the GMAT last Tuesday — 720! The best I’d ever done on a Princeton Review practice test was 650. Vivian’s worth every penny!

-Joshua A.

I had been struggling with the gmat for months. I had serious difficulties with the verbal, as English is not my first language. After working with her not only did my verbal improve but also my quant, and managed to boost my result from 590 to 680. If you feel that you are dedicating time and arent seeing any improvement or just feel that you would work better with somebody that truly understands what this exam is all about, call Vivian!!! She is absolutely a GMATROCKSTAR!!! Thanks again Vivian!!!!

-Alejandro R.

I wanted to share the great news with you. I retook the GMAT on May 17th and my score improved! Last Friday I was accepted off the waitlist at Haas and they told me that retaking the GMAT and improving my score was very impressive to them! Thanks for the great tutoring and encouragement!

-Mediha A.

I studied on and off for the GMAT for about three months on my own using the Manhattan guides, and never scored above a 640 on a practice test. I was stressed out and really anxious about scheduling my test date. A friend of mine had worked with Vivian and recommended her, so I gave her a shot, and I am REALLY GLAD I did!

First of all, she is extremely patient, prepared, and organized. Before our first session, she reviewed all of my old practice tests and had made a list of topics she wanted to cover. When I emailed her with a question, she always got back to me ASAP, sometimes within 10-15 minutes, and she would frequently go an extra 10 minutes over our time for free!

What really made the difference to me was her Verbal strategies. I had NO idea how to improve my reading comprehension or sentence correction, and wasn’t using my scratch paper at all. Vivian’s methods were a LOT more thorough and specific than the Manhattan Prep books I had been using. She broke down the Critical Reasoning section into 14 question-types, and provided a one sheet with a unique strategy for each one. I definitely have not seen that level of thoroughness in the OG 2017 guide.

My score moved 100 points in 2 months, from 640 (Q43, V35) to a 740 (Q48, V42).

-Samantha W.

I highly recommend Vivian for GMAT tutoring. After my second GMAT attempt, I needed a different approach. I booked her for 10 Skype sessions and it was a true one-on-one personal tutoring experience. She created a strong brand-new study plan after going through my previous techniques and practice tests. Be prepared to dedicate good amount of time for studying as she assigns a lot of homework after each session. For personalized tutoring, her rates are very affordable compared to other major test prep companies.

-Waqas A.

I found Vivian on Yelp after taking a Kaplan course, and I’m REALLY glad I did! I only needed help with the Verbal, and only had 4 weeks until my re-take so was slightly freaking out. Vivian analyzed all my old practice tests and gave me a brand new 4 week study plan. Her strategies were WAY more precise than what I learned from Kaplan (esp. for RC — SO helpful!), and I really liked that she came to each session with a game plan. She also answered all of my email questions in between sessions for free, which was awesome. My score was a 690.

-Elan O.

I was very pleased after having been referred to Vivian and GMAT Rockstar. She is the real deal, her prices are more than fair, and frankly, she’s LOVES the work. It was very nice to work with someone in regards to the GMAT who I felt really wanted to see me succeed. We were able to build a schedule that suited my needs and the proof was certainly in the pudding… my scores increased. I almost don’t want to share her, as she is my secret weapon, but Vivian deserves all the praise she receives. Scored a 750!

-John W.