grockitVivian Kerr

Hi! I’m Vivian, and I am a freelance test prep tutor, blogger, and content creator, and have been teaching and tutoring since 2005. I love standardized tests! (Yes, I am a nerd.)

I originally started with the SAT and the ACT before quickly moving on to the GRE and GMAT. I’ve taught throughout the greater Los Angeles area for over half a dozen test prep companies including Kaplan, before becoming a tutor, content creator, and blogger for Grockit.

After 5+ years teaching the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and tutoring sections of the IIM-CAT and LSAT via Skype with Grockit, I started GMAT Rockstar to tutor clients independently, and continued to blog and create educational content with Learnist, a ground-breaking educational platform created by the founders of Grockit.

My test prep blogs have been featured on numerous websites, including Beat the GMAT, Businessweek, Edu in Review, Veritas Prep, CollegeXpress, and more. I have also written blogs and practice questions for Veritas Prep, Magoosh, e-GMAT, and many smaller test prep companies.

I hold a degree from the University of Southern California and briefly lived abroad in London before returning to sunny SoCal. My hobbies include learning how to use WordPress, hiking in Griffith Park, and buying absurd quantities of organic produce. I’m also a huge grammar nerd and love teaching Math to “non-Math” people!

Additional questions? Contact me at GMATrockstar@gmail.com, or check out my reviews on Yelp!

Why Should You Choose Me?

  • Knowledge. I’ve been a classroom teacher and private tutor for Kaplan, so I know how larger testprep companies “think.” I’ve taken what I found valuable from Kaplan, Grockit, and the many other smaller companies I’ve worked with, and I specialize in designing a personalized approach for each student.
  • Flexibility. I’ve tutored for years virtually via Skype with Grockit, Inc., so I know how to make online tutoring fun and effective. I’m available days, nights, and weekends, and I am always in steady contact with students via email to monitor progress, answer homework questions, and pass on relevant blogs. I’m your personal cheerleader!
  • Resources. I have written thousands of test prep questions as a freelance content creator for companies such as Grockit, Veritas Prep, and Magoosh. I am constantly mocking new questions from the GMAT Official Guide and GMATPrep software so I can provide students with accurate, challenging homework material that closely aligns with GMAC product.
  • Preparation. I track all of my students’ progress, and create a targeted “game plan” for each student.  I own over 40+ GMAT books and know exactly what chapters and materials to recommend to students. I am also a regular contributor to Beat the GMAT and keep up to date with the latest updates and changes from GMAC.

Read testimonials from former GMATRockstar students here!

New in 2019, I’m excited to add a new Quant tutor to GMATRockstar!

headshot1Smriti Bagry

Hi! I am Smriti. I offer tutoring for the GMAT – both ‘regular-paced’ and ‘crash course paced’.

I scored a 750 [98th percentile] on the test, graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelors in Visual Communication and received my MBA from Yale University, where I also was a tutor for Advanced Statistics & Advanced Business Analytics. I have tutored students for 4+ years in various subjects including math, statistics, probability, and test prep, and I am now solely a GMAT tutor.

I am passionate about the GMAT because I immensely enjoyed the exam, and passionate about tutoring overall because it really helped me boost my confidence throughout my schooling.

I am familiar with Veritas Prep, Manhattan Prep and the GMAT Official Guide materials. Depending on your needs, I will craft a custom lesson plan, a daily study plan (this is very necessary if you want a good GMAT score), and will provide regular homework material that has to be completed before each session. My goal with any student is to always make sure they’re thorough in all basic concepts before before diving into any high-level questions or test strategies, and I’d love to help drive you to the score you want! Fun facts: I am a diehard fan of hip-hop music and dance, and truly believe I listen to “real music”. I also recently broke a Guinness World Record; you can read more about it here.