grockitHi! I’m Vivian, and I am a freelance Test Prep tutor, blogger, and content creator, and have been teaching and tutoring part-time since 2005, and professionally since 2008.

I love standardized tests. (Yes, I am a nerd.)

I originally started with the SAT and the ACT before quickly moving on to the GRE and GMAT. I taught classroom courses and 1-on-1 tutoring throughout the greater Los Angeles area for over half a dozen test prep companies including Kaplan, before becoming an online tutor, content creator, and blogger for Grockit.

After 8+ years teaching the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and tutoring sections of the IIM-CAT and LSAT via Skype with Grockit, I started GMAT Rockstar to tutor clients independently, and continued to blog and create educational content with Learnist, a ground-breaking educational platform created by the founders of Grockit. I’m also a regular contributor to the GMAT Reddit.

My test prep blogs have been featured on numerous websites, including Beat the GMAT, Businessweek, Edu in Review, Veritas Prep, CollegeXpress, and more. I have also written blogs and practice questions for Veritas Prep, Magoosh, e-GMAT, and many smaller test prep companies.

I hold a degree from the University of Southern California and briefly lived abroad in London before returning to sunny SoCal.

Additional questions? Contact me at GMATrockstar@gmail.com, or check out my reviews on Yelp!

Why Should You Choose Me?

  • Knowledge. I’ve been a classroom teacher and private tutor for Kaplan, so I know how larger testprep companies “think.” I’ve taken what I found valuable from Kaplan, Grockit, and the many other smaller companies I’ve worked with, and I specialize in designing a personalized approach for each student.
  • Flexibility. I’ve tutored for years virtually via Skype with Grockit, so I know how to make online tutoring fun and effective. I’m available days, nights, and weekends, and I am always in steady contact with students via email to monitor progress, answer homework questions, and pass on relevant blogs. I’m your personal cheerleader!
  • Resources. I have written thousands of test prep questions as a freelance content creator for companies such as Grockit, Veritas Prep, and Magoosh. I am constantly mocking new questions from the GMAT Official Guide and GMATPrep software so I can provide students with accurate, challenging homework material that closely aligns with GMAC product.
  • Preparation. I track all of my students’ progress, and create a targeted “game plan” for each student.¬† I own over 40+ GMAT books and know exactly what chapters and materials to recommend to students. I am also a regular contributor to Beat the GMAT and keep up to date with the latest updates and changes from GMAC.
  • Cost. I charge less than any private GMAT tutor with my level of experience, and less than every major GMAT prep company for 1-on-1 tutoring. I run my sessions efficiently and make sure that you not only get your full hour of tutoring time, but I also include free email check-ins in between sessions.

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