Social Distancing with Data Sufficiency Challenge! – Day 15

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This series is designed to help you step up your Data Sufficiency practice while we all spend a little extra time at home during the coronavirus situation; I’m going to publish one practice Data Sufficiency question each day! You can choose to do all of them, or none of them. 

Click on the tag “Social Distancing DS Challenge” at the bottom of this post to see all of the questions in this series! 

And remember to take whatever precautions you need to stay healthy over the next few weeks! 

Question #15

Is 3 < x < 4 ?

(1) 1 < x

(2) x < 5


Statement (1):  Some values greater than 1 are between 3 and 4, but not all are.  X could be, say, 3.5 or 7.  INSUFFICIENT.  We can eliminate answers A and D.

Statement (2):  Some values less than 5 are between 3 and 4, but not all are.  INSUFFICIENT.  Eliminate answer B.

Even taken together the two statements don’t  yield a definite answer, either “yes” or “no.”  Combined, they give a range for x of: 1 < x < 5.   X could be 2 (no) or 4 (yes). The correct answer is (E).