Subjunctive Mood: Spotting “Bossy Verbs”

Despite the thousands of protests from devoted fans who demanded that he should shave off his new moustache, Freddie Mercury insisted on changing his visual image.

A. demanded that he should
B. were demanding him that he
C. demanded that he
D. had demanded him to
E. demanded for him to

“Demanded that” is one of the GMAT’s rare Subjunctive “bossy verb” structures.

The structure always goes: BOSSY VERB + that + infinitive verb (without the “to”)

Only (A) and (D) include the word “that,” and of those two, only (C) includes the infinitive verb structure without the word “to” — we don’t need this extra word “should” when we have the subjunctive form.

DEMANDED THAT he SHAVE is what we want since “shave” would be the infinitive verb “to shave” with the preposition “to” dropped.

The correct answer is (C).

More “bossy verbs” to memorize:
-require THAT
-mandate THAT
-recommend THAT
-propose THAT
-request THAT
-asks THAT
-request THAT

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