How to Improve Integrated Reasoning Skills

The Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT launched in June 2012 with 4 new question-types, all of which require some solid data analysis skills. Learn how to get an above-average score (a 5+ on the 1-8 scale).

The Integrated Reasoning section was designed to measure test takers’ ability to interpret data from a variety of sources, and to draw meaningful conclusions from this information. It launched in June 2012– so what are the four question types, and what’s the general format? Check out this Learnboard for all the basics first!

Start by reviewing Graphics Interpretation problems with an expert!

In this video lesson Brian Galvin, Director of Academic Programs at Veritas Prep, provides a deep-dive lesson on Graphics Interpretation, reviewing multiple questions.

The Graphics Interpretation section will present you with a piece of data in the form of a graph, Venn diagram, scatter plot, etc. Below will be two statements, each with a missing portion. Fill in the blank with one of four choices presented to you in a drop-down menu.

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