Learnist: Best Math Strategies for the GMAT

Even if you aren’t a math whiz, better GMAT scores are within your reach! Here are the best strategies for GMAT Quant that will take your GMAT practice CATs to the next level.

Backsolve when there are numbers in the answer choices. Sometimes just doing the algebra will be the simplest way to the get the correct answer, but backsolving is a great strategy to check your work as you go. To backsolve, go through the answer choices and plug each one into the question. This video from Ron Purewal’s “Thursdays with Ron” series at Manhattan GMAT explains exactly how to work backwards.

Pick Numbers as much as possible on GMAT Problem Solving questions. Substituting abstracts like “x” for easy-to-worth-with integers like “2” and “3.” Keep the numbers small and make sure they are allowed by the definitions in the question. Notice how in this Kaplan video, variables can appear in the question stem and/or in the answer choices.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick numbers for variables in the question stem
  2. Solve for what the question is asking with your picked numbers
  3. “Translate” the answer choices using your picked numbers
  4. The correct answer will match what you found after Step 2!