Learnist: How to Save Money in College

Let’s face it, college is expensive! You may have to curb some of your spending habits if you plan to earn your degree without incurring debt. Here’s some smart money habits you can adopt today!

When you leave in the morning, you probably will have a full day of work, classes, meetings, and study sessions. Avoid the fast food and expensive take-out places on campus. Keep healthy snacks in your bag all the time – sandwich baggies of apples, clementines, granola bars, almonds, etc. You’ll save a lot of money and won’t feel your energy drop as much in between meals!

This awesome site gives you ideas for 15 great lunchbox snacks! You can actually eat healthy (and cheaply) on the go!

The key to really making it through college without debt, is to learn how to be social without spending your dough. Try to spend your time at networking events or meet-ups that don’t revolve around bars and restaurants. A couple hours spent at a local bar off-campus can easily equal a $50 tab. There will be a LOT of events in undergrad and grad school, and you’ll break the bank if you try to eat every meal out, or buy round after round of drinks. Here’s a great list of social things you can do with friends that don’t involve spending money!