Tough GMAT: Critical Reasoning Question of the Day

Sometimes CR questions ask us to make an inference or draw a conclusion based on the premise. These can be challenging since we’re not really taking apart an argument, and even though its hard to make a prediction you can still follow effective strategy.

The most important aspect of moviemaking is conveying a scene’s rhythm. Conveying rhythm depends less on the artistic quality of the individual photographic images than on how the shots go together and the order in which they highlight different aspects of the action taking place in front of the camera.

If the statements above are true, which of the following must be true on the basis of them?

(A) The artistic quality of the individual photographic image is unimportant in movie photography.
(B) Photographers known for the superb artistic quality of their photographs are seldom effective as moviemakers.
(C) Having the ability to produce photographs of superb artistic quality does not in itself guarantee having the ability to be a good moviemaker.
(D) Movie photographers who are good at their jobs rarely give serious thought to the artistic quality of the photographs they take.
(E) To convey a scene’s rhythm effectively, a moviemaker must highlight many different aspects of the action taking place.

Start by translating the content in the paragraph into bullet points:

— R. depends on order of shots, not artistic quality of images
— conveying rhythm is most imp.

Q: what conclusion could be drawn?

Prediction: Something based on the facts above.

A – too extreme — passage only says “depends less”
B – too extreme — nothing about them being mutually exclusive
C – Yes
D – not necessarily — this only pertains to “conveying rhythm”
E – Yes

Let’s compare C and E.

E at first seems like a restatement from the passage, but look how it slightly skews the info. Highlighting is not the filmmaker’s job. The “highlighting” is done by the order of the shots, not the filmmaker himself. C is true based on the info provided. Since the passage clearly states that artistic quality of the shots won’t equal rhythm, and rhythm is a v. imp aspect of moviemaking. The correct answer is (C).