Learnist: Best Verbal Strategies to Beat the IIM-CAT

Learnist_IIMCATThe Common Admission Test (CAT) is required for business administration candidates in India. While a completely separate test from the GMAT, it does feature many of the same question steps, and many Indian students study for both exams.

The Verbal section includes Reading, Logic, and Grammar questions. This Learnboard covers the best Verbal strategies to help you conquer the IIM-CAT Verbal  section (and can apply to some of the common GMAT Verbal questions as well!).

This series of videos does a great job of describing what is and isn’t on the Verbal section of the CAT. The main points to remember:

  • 30 questions in 70 minutes
  • 9-10 questions as reading comprehension
  • 3 “Para-jumbles”
  • 3 logical continuation
  • 5-6 questions a mixture of grammar, analogies and word usage
  • 9 to 10 questions from logical reasoning (also called critical reasoning)

You can check out a more in-depth look at Critical Reasoning questions from the GMAT perspective on Learnist!