Learnist: How to Conquer Pacing on the GMAT

Struggling to finish your GMAT practice tests? Not sure how much time to spend on each question? Here’s how conquer the challenge of pacing yourself on the GMAT’s 4 sections: AWA, IR, Verbal, and Quant.

Remember, there are two optional breaks on the GMAT (in between the IR and Quant sections, and in between the GMAT Quant and Verbal sections). Take them! Get up, stretch, and give yourself a mental rest!

As this post from Magoosh wisely warns, however, don’t go over the 8 minutes! The test will resume even if you’re not back in your chair! So by all means take a walk in the hallway outside the testing room, but only for about 5 minutes!

Clueless about where all that time’s going? Keep a single-problem time-log!

This MGMAT blog offers some above-average ideas for how to conquer GMAT pacing, but my favorite is the paragraphs describing the purpose of a “single-problem time-log.”

The goal of the single-problem time-log is so you can get a feel for where you’re losing those extra seconds. The “time position” column lets you know how you’re faring on average compared to idealized pacing per question for that specific question-type.

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