10 Apps to Help You Study for the GMAT

It’s amazing that in the world of MBA admissions and preparing for tests, more attention hasn’t been paid to the wealth of free GMAT tests and free GMAT practice questions now available for GMAT online. Besides the free GMAT practice tests offered at MBA prep sites such as MGMAT, Knewton, Kaplan, and the free GMAT practice questions and trial membership now offered by GMAT test prep sites such as Grockit.com, many GMAT companies have now taken their GMAT test prep into the world of free education applications for Apple products.

These GMAT apps are mostly free, and the three that aren’t are definitely worth the price! Download these 10 apps for more free GMAT online study resources and free GMAT practice tests, and watch your GMAT score improve!

1. GMAT Toolkit – This is the most comprehensive GMAT app, with questions and information from MGMAT, Princeton Review, Manhattan Review, and Knewton. 900+ questions from those aforementioned test prep companies with an option to download 3000+ questions from GMAT Club, as well as an OG Tracker, Timer, Flashcards, and excellent SC and Quant review. It’s pricey, but worth it for the serious test-taker. Cost: $24.99.

2. MGMAT Flashcards – A free set of Verbal flashcards, with a nice emphasis on applying vocabulary rather than rote memorization. Cost: FREE.

3. MBA Planner – This app by Clear Admit helps you organize the entire admissions process. You input your list of Target Schools, and MBA Planner creates To-Do lists to keep you on track to meet deadlines. You can also add personalized notes and contact information for each school. Cost: FREE.

4. Beat the GMAT Flashcards – Another free set of 300 GMAT flashcards covering both Quant and Verbal. What’s not to love? Cost: FREE.

5. GMAT Practice Quiz – Veritas Prep’s nice free app contains hundreds of practice questions organized by question-type, allowing you to hone in a weaknesses. One of the best in terms of test-prep companies’ online offerings. Cost: FREE.

6. Your Teacher’s GMAT –Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency help with 154 guided video lessons. A great way to refresh Quant concepts. Cost: FREE.

7. GMAC – OG 12th Edition – This is a brand-new app and a must-have! 800 questions from the Official Guide 12th edition in convenient app form! You can do mini-exams and select the number of questions you’d like, allowing you to study in shorter bursts on the go. Even if you’ve already completed the OG, it’s worth reviewing again! Cost: $4.99.

8. GMAT Math Review – Impressive simply for the sheer number of questions. It boasts 2300+ questions for Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. Once you’ve exhausted the free GMAT apps and still need more help with GMAT practice, this is worth picking up! Cost: $3.99.

9. GMAT Club – 111 Harder-level GMAT questions with explanations, designed for students aiming at a score of 700+. Cost: FREE.

10. Bloomberg – Work on your RC skills while staying abreast of the latest in business news. The Bloomberg app is completely free! Other excellent apps for reading include the Economist and the NYTimes. Cost: FREE.