The Basics of GMAT’s Two-Part Analysis

The relatively new Two-Part Analysis is one of the 4 IR Q-types. A short paragraph is followed by answer choices presented in several columns and rows. Choose one column and one row as your solution.

Why did “two-part analysis” become part of the new section of the GMAT in 2012? In this question-type, you will be tested on how well you separate relevant information from other data. You must think clearly in the midst of complex information.

So how should you study? On p.784 of the latest edition of the GMAT Official Guide, there are 4 tested concepts described as possibly appearing in TPA questions: – mixtures – trade-offs – budgets – action steps towards a specific goal. This page also suggests a timing guideline of approx 2 minutes 30 seconds for this question-type.

Check out some Two-Part Analysis video lessons and sample questions on this Learnboard!