How to Use Learnist to Study for the GMAT (and other tests)!

As a test prep tutor, Learnist’s breadth of offerings has benefited me both as a board creator and a consumer. Working with my SAT and GMAT students, it has been super helpful to create individual boards to target each specific aspect of these tests. For example, if I’m Skyping with a GMAT student and outlining the basics of the Integrated Reasoning section, it’s so great to be able to walk them through the IR: Table Analysis board I’ve created. It’s my virtual textbook, including the most-useful YouTube explanations, chapters from GoogleBooks, and practice questions all in one easily-accessible place.

As a tutor, I’m choosing the content, but Learnist gives a great medium to present it in a clear, easily accessible manner so I’m really encouraging test prep students to discover this platform. I’ve even started assigned boards for homework, and I find students are actually much more enthusiastic about “doing a board” then simply reading a chapter from a book (I know I would be). The combination of audio, visual, interactive, and yes, some reading, makes Learnist more powerful than any 2-D textbook, which is why I’ll be posting a series of blogs highlighting my various Learnist GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT boards. It’s a free resource to help students overcome these standardized tests. Enjoy!

P.S. You can read more about my experience using Learnist here!